Is India's Internet Baby Terrifying or Creatively Beautiful

Is India’s Internet Baby Terrifying or Creatively Beautiful

CANNES, France—Maybe India’s Internet Baby is not as horrifying as he seems.

The Internet Baby is here, and it is going to leave you stunned. A baby that learns to cut its own umbilical cord right after birth and posts his arrival on social media is actually going to leave you stunned. According to the ad agency that created him feels that the ad campaign is actually someone to be revered.

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A Life Saving Bracelet- Boosting The Countrys Blood Donations By-335%

Its every marketer dream to create a marketing campaign that is useful, which accomplishes a noble goal and has a positive result. Here is one marketing campaign which had a major impact on the country’s blood donations.

Y&R Moscow recently partnered with Azerbaijani cellular network Nar Mobile to create a wearable device called Donor Cable, which lets one smartphone owner easily donate power to another using the cable. The device is a bracelet, inscribed with the message, “Donate energy to save a phone, and donate blood to save a life.”


Azerbaijan has the world’s highest number of children born with blood disorder Thalassemia. Children born with this particular disorder of the blood, require extensive blood transfusions. The biggest challenge the country was facing was lack of blood donations.

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