10 Most Valuable Logo Design Resources

The internet is a beautiful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people who wish to learn the art of logo design. However, sometimes with so many choices available to us, it can be confusing and frustrating after a while. So we have picked 10 most valuable Logo Design resources to help you learn and understand the art of Logo design.

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be the change

India Can Change! – Be that Change

India celebrated its 68th Independence Day on 15th August. What has changed in India since the British Raj? India is still the country that has more temples than toilets, a country where VIP’s are treated like GOD; Littering in public places is a very common site… So what exactly has changed since 15th August 1947? If you ask me NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

No doubt, we can celebrate a superficial sense of freedom, independence and change this Independence Day, but the fact remains that change will always come from within.

This thoughtful short film produced by famous Telugu actor Allu Arjun is probably the best thing you will watch today.

Here’s the English transcript of the Telugu lines spoken at the end of the video:

Performing our duties is also patriotism. Change begins with us.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”.-

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I Am That Change!

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Chop It Off- An Apology From Indian Men To Every Woman

Chop It Off – An Apology From Indian Men To Every Woman

Is your sister or your girl-friend safe? Because being a woman in India… kinda…SUCKS! When you hear all the cruel, depraved, sick and disgusting things that men do to women, it makes my heart drops to my stomach. How can a girl feel safe in such a country?

Every girl and woman should be able to live safely, feel protected and grow up free of violence, because she DESERVES IT!

Let’s make anti-rape culture, the new culture.

East India Comedy’s video drives a powerful message home. Men condemn acts of violence against women and feel ashamed and deeply apologetic about being men in a country that treats women worse than Saudi Arabia.

Is everyone going to have a positive response to the video? Probably not. The video may not have an impact on everyone who views it or may not agree to the punishment for rape.

“If a man rapes you, you should chop off his d*ck. And make him eat it for breakfast. Simple as that.”

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Apple iPhone 5S New Ad – “Dreams”

Apple iPhone 5S New Ad – “Dreams”

Apple has posted its latest iPhone 5s, called “Dreams,” to its YouTube channel. The new ad shows a number of iPhone owners using their devices in various professional and personal pursuits ranging from art, to medicine, to fighting fires. The ad is set to Jennifer O’Connor’s new single “When I Grow Up,” which was released on iTunes earlier this week.

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Japanese Toyota Ad With Dancing Gorilla

Japanese Toyota Ad With Dancing Gorilla Is So Preposterous, It’s Actually Great

The plot is simple: A group of Japanese businessmen are driving through the jungle in their Toyota truck, as Japanese businessmen so often do. But one of them has to pee, so they pull over. We won’t spoil the rest, but it’s definitely weird and actually pretty awesome.

Imagine “What Does the Fox Say“, now picture Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and throw in the Cadbury Gorilla and mix it up well. That’s when you get an Adver-dance-ment.

Its part of a rather clever campaign called “Do the Wakudoki,” in which consumers are encouraged to submit clips of themselves dancing to win a trip to Tokyo (or also some Beats headphones). If you think you have the moves, Do the Wakudoki all the way to Tokyo.

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Albert Einstein Quote

Back to School- A Nostalgic Journey Down the Memory Lane

Most of us will always refer to their school days as the best days of their life. We make the best friends and the best bonds in school. You share the closest of your secrets with your school friends and they are the ones who know you in and out.

“Back to school”, the latest TV commercial by Pepsi India, celebrates the nostalgia of our by-gone school days.

Watch the advertisement here. Guaranteed, it will make you reminiscent of the good ol’ days. And if you haven’t talked to your school buddies in a while, you should do it….Oh..YES..NOW!!!

School days can’t last forever. One day they must end. But school friendships last a lifetime. If you’re thinking of your school friends right now, share this article with them and go #BACKTOSCHOOL again.

Watch the advertisement here:

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Samsung Dares People to Take Underwater Selfies in a Frigid Lake With the Galaxy S5

Samsung Dares People To Take Underwater Selfies In A Frigid Lake With The Galaxy S5

Samsung recently gave away free Samsung S5 to people who were loony enough to jump into Lake Zurich (water temperature is 8 degree Celsius) in Switzerland and take an underwater selfie. Still thinking why? To show that the galaxy S5 can withstand being submerged in water even in lower temperatures.

Yeah that’s the truth. The new Samsung Galaxy S5 works under water. Samsung had a diver in the water who swam over to potential underwater selfie-ers, surprising them with an already wet but still working phone. On the other end of the line, a hidden challenger requested the shot. If they cooperated, a new, dry phone was theirs.

Finally I won’t have to worry about wrapping my smartphone in layers of plastic before I step out torrential downpour umbrella-less. But I’m not sure if I’d jump into a lake for it, though.

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Gionee makes fun of Samsung's plastic Galaxy S5 in this Elife S5

Gionee Makes Fun of Samsung’s Plastic Galaxy S5 In This Elife S5.5 TVC

“Creative agency, AndAnd Brand Partner’s attempt was not only to communicate how fabulous Gionee smart phones are but also how relatively superior they are to the competition”

Gionee has rolled out a brand new ad campaign for the Gionee Elife S5.5, bragged as the world’s slimmest Smartphone in the present day market. Earlier this year, the China-based company announced the world’s slimmest Smartphone: the Elife S5.5 – is only 5.5mm thin.

The 30-second TVC starts with a fashionable girl making an entry into a sky bar ostentation her fancy new phone. Her friends ask her what it is to which she replies that it is the world’s slimmest phone. Another girl in the same group, jealously looking at her exquisite and fancy device, says that it is nothing more than just a pretty phone. A voice over then starts describing in detail each feature of the Gionee Elide S5.5 and ends saying that ‘It is more than a pretty phone and not made of plastic.’


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