5 Free Ebooks For Software Developers [Beginners]

5 Free Ebooks For Software Developers (Beginners)

Developing and programming software and applications is never an easy task, and sometimes you need a bit of help, whether it is for managing your workflow, refreshing your knowledge or learning a new programming language. Thankfully, there are many resources on the Internet that can help, including free ebooks.

We have compelled a list of five free ebooks that should definitely be use to beginner software developers and programmers. They cover a range of topics, from more general workflow advice to nitty-gritty code and quite a few things in between.

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Bosch's Fake Stunt Commercial

Bosch’s Most Laughably Fake Stunt Commercial Yet.

We have seen many campaigns run by companies to sell their products, and many of them are dubious authenticity. Bosch with their brand new ad campaign in Belgium might be a nominee for the most laughably fake stunt commercial. The plot line of the campaign goes like this: Apparent burglars turn out to be creepy do-gooders (a.k.a. Bosch representatives) who break into homes so they can vacuum downstairs while the owners are sound asleep. The take-away here is, of course, that the vacuums are surprisingly quiet.

Watch the clip below, if you do not want us to spoil the supposed twist for you

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Google's Best Doodles on the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Google’s Best Doodles on the 2014 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA Football World Cup is over and this was Germany’s year. This year’s Football World Cup was full of surprises and heartbreaks. A few cried on their loss and a few partied all night long on their victory. However, Google Doodles were one of the highlights throughout the world cup. Google celebrated the FIFA world cup with 63 unique doodles that represented events in the tournament like the opening ceremony to a doodle dedicated to Miroslav Klose’s record-breaking goal.

We have collected some of the most iconic Google doodles this FIFA World Cup. Please let us know your favorite Doodle this Football season in the Comments section below.

1. Doodle on Brazil & Netherlands’ Elimination
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‘Qwerkywriter’ – The Nostalgic Clicks Of A Vintage Typewriter

I still remember my grandfather using his clicky typewriter and the sound of the keys is a fond memory from my childhood. This memory is no longer nostalgic, because now I can buy a type writer-like keypad that connects to my PC or tablet through USB.

This vintage-style modern keyboard, called Qwerkywriter created by game developer Brian Min, who is financing the production through a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. It has 84 chrome-accented round keycaps and an integrated stand for tablets, a perfect tool for people who would love to feel like writers from the past.

The new Qwerkywriter has the look of a vintage typewriter with the ease of today’s technology. A USB mechanical keyboard simulates the clicky feel of a typewriter and gives you a tactile experience as you write. Continue reading…


Classic Minimalist Posters – Rapunzel to The Little Red Riding Hood

I am a lover of children’s books, especially the classic ones with timeless wisdom for grown-ups, and an protagonist of minimalist posters that extract complex stories or ideas in clean graphic elements; I am immeasurably delighted by these hyper-minimalist takes on beloved children’s classics by designer Christian Jackson.

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Google- A Digital HistoryFt

Google – A Digital History Infographic

It has been the answer to most of our problems and for most; the solutions for their exam papers…we all have used Google for something or the other. I wonder what would be the world like without Google. Personally I would miss saying “Google it” to my friends and co-workers.

Founded in Menlo Park, California on September 4, 1998, Google has done a lot in its 16 years of existence. From the first known algorithm update in early 2000 to its approximate 24 Panda updates since early 2011, this info-graphic outlines major updates to Google since its inception in 1998.

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This Hand Painted Optical Illusion Will Completely Blow Your Mind

This Hand Painted Optical Illusion Will Completely Blow Your Mind

We live in an illusion world, and we now and then come across an optical illusion, but its just not that cool that you would share it. In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, we are shown a hand-painted optical illusion found in Windsor, England.

A 3D portrait of an art gallery that is mind-blowing than the fact that it feels like you are standing inside of the painting while you are looking at it. It is just as brilliant as it sounds.

This has taken illusion art to the next level, given how many award show judges were mesmerized by “Honda’s mind-bending “Illusions” ad from mcgarrybowen, agencies might want to look into the real-world optical awesomeness of reverse perspective.

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Zachary Quinto, Thespian and Traitor, Joins Newcastle’s ‘Independence Eve’ ‘#IfWeWon’ Campaign

There is no way more American to celebrate the Fourth of July than selling out your country for an English beer, says Newcastle.

It’s ballsy for any marketer to pay talent to purposefully mangle its name in an ad. But it’s also very much in keeping with the self-deprecating tone of Newcastle’s “If We Won” campaign, introduced by Stephen Merchant, and soon to present Elizabeth Hurley.

Americas have showed their dislike for Newcastle’s “If We Won” campaign. But actually I found this ad campaign to be really funny. And they are true about the brit accent. Its 4th of July people! Happy Independence Day USA (time to open a bottle of Newcastle’s).

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The Virtual Life We All Live, Is Everthing That's Wrong With Our Generation On Social Media

The Virtual Life We All Live, Is Everthing That’s Wrong With Our Generation On Social Media

Facebook has made communications with our friends very easy…Within minutes you can let your friends living on a different continent know what you are doing or ‘What’s on your mind’.

Every time you scroll down your newsfeed, someone or the other is having the party of their life on a beach, driving the most expensive cars and with their selfies flooding your newsfeed, Facebook can sometime be a weirdly depressing experience. Are these people actually having fun all the time?
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Porn or Not, But Surely The Funniest Fake Ad at Cannes This Year.

Porn or Not, But Surely The Funniest Fake Ad at Cannes This Year.

CANNES, France—The Cannes Lions festival is mostly about real advertising, but occasionally the fake stuff manages to sneaks in.

This year Cannes has seen the funniest and the weirdest ads… In that category, none was better this year than “It’s Not Porn,” a video screened at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase in the Palais on Thursday, where it was loudly cheered. The video was directed by Alberto Belli almost a year ago, but after its screening in Palais, it got a whole new audience this week.

Check out the Video:

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