Samsung Mocks Apple With Their Own Galaxy Note 4 Stress-Test Video

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Having poked fun of Apple in a series of tweets after the controversial YouTube video suggested malleability of the iPhone 6 plus, the South Korean firm on Thursday posted a two-minute video on its blog showing off the three-point bend test process behind its latest Galaxy Note 4 phablet.

“Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Endures the Gluteus Maximus” which delivers exactly what the title says. You’ll marvel, or not, as the Samsung Galaxy note 4 survives the stress test set to a techno beat. Robotic buttocks, sporting blue jeans and equal to the weight of a 200-pound human being, pose the biggest challenge.
The clip has more than 2 million views on YouTube, and its entertainment factor is awfully high. Samsung didn’t mention the iPhone by name, but it’s a clear jab at Apple after the company has come under heat in recent weeks over the fact that its new iPhones may be less durable than previous generations.

Watch the entire Video: