A Subway Ad Blows a Woman's Hair Around, But There's A Twist copy

A Subway Ad Blows a Woman’s Hair Around, But There’s A Twist

A couple of months back a Swedish subway ad caught a lot of attention in Sweden and on the internet by showing a woman’s hair blowing in the wind whenever a train arrived at the subway. The fun digital subway ad in Sweden for hair-care products was rigged up to recognize when trains entered the station—and then showed a woman’s hair blowing all around, as though windswept by the train.


Using the very same concept, Garbergs, Stockholm, Sweden were inspired to create another attention-grabbing display. But this time there is a twist to the story. Using the very same concept, Garbergs, Stockholm, Sweden were inspired to create another attention-grabbing display. I’ll spare you any spoilers. Check out the video below:



Agency: Garbergs, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Petter Ödéen
Art Director: Sebastian Smedberg
Copywriter: Sedir Ajeenah
Photographer: Daniel Griffel
Account Manager: Ida Tenggren
Digital Director: Micke Ring
Producer: Karolina Smedberg
Production Company: Adamsky
Post/grading/sound: The Line

Acers Selfie Hat

Acer’s Selfie Hat Takes Wearables to The Next Level

Hats off to Acer, and I mean literally. They just took the selfie tech to a ridiculously new level.

Last Monday, we were blessed with the Selfie Brush, and today the Selfie Greek Gods have delivered once more with the Selfie Hat.

This is the latest wierd development in selfie tech is basically a giant sombrero and holds an Iconia A-1 840 table held by the hats fold-down flap. The tablet is placed on the hat in a manner that allows the wearer to slide it around the brim of the hat for the ideal selfie.
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Zachary Quinto, Thespian and Traitor, Joins Newcastle’s ‘Independence Eve’ ‘#IfWeWon’ Campaign

There is no way more American to celebrate the Fourth of July than selling out your country for an English beer, says Newcastle.

It’s ballsy for any marketer to pay talent to purposefully mangle its name in an ad. But it’s also very much in keeping with the self-deprecating tone of Newcastle’s “If We Won” campaign, introduced by Stephen Merchant, and soon to present Elizabeth Hurley.

Americas have showed their dislike for Newcastle’s “If We Won” campaign. But actually I found this ad campaign to be really funny. And they are true about the brit accent. Its 4th of July people! Happy Independence Day USA (time to open a bottle of Newcastle’s).

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Intelligent Details- A shortfilm By Bentley Motors

Intelligent Details – A Shortfilm By Bentley Motors

Intelligent Details, a short documentary commissioned by Bentley Motors, introduces Luc Donckerwolke, Director of Design, and SangYup Lee, Head of Exterior Design. Filmed in the Bentley Mulsanne in New York, Intelligent Details focuses on what inspires Luc and SangYup in their respective fields as design leaders for Bentley. The short Film highlights the fusion if luxury, performance and technology within the Bentley Mulsanne. A performance luxury car produced by Bentley Motors, which is technologically bang on and still maintaining its ages old legacy.

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Killer Ad Campaigns By Coca Cola

From the streets of London to the villages of Western Africa, Coca-Cola is everywhere.

But when the drink was initially launched, it only managed to sell 9 glassed a day. How did a little cola company from Atlanta become the world’s largest soft drink brand? The answer is “Great Advertising”

Coca cola

The world is in awe of the latest embodiment of Coca-Cola’s Happiness Campaign. This is marketing at its best, addressing to challenging issue and connecting people to share a moment of enjoyment with someone that they would otherwise never meet.

Here are two ad campaigns by Coca Cola that has taken marketing to the next level.

Coca-Cola Hello Happiness

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1st Look Of Disney new logo

First Look at the New Disney Channel Logo

We all loved watching cartoons on Disney Channel as we were growing up, we remember the boxy logo of the Disney Channel but starting tomorrow you will notice a less boxy look that will go live on most of its networks.

Disney Channel isn’t exactly Re-Branding, but is changing its logo and its network IDs to give the channel a less boxy look. According to Ron Pomerantz, VP of Marketing and Creative at the Disney Channel said “The original logo started life as a temporary fix when widescreen television sets became the norm, and managed to stick for years”.

Now that the channel is changing its look, it is Ron’s job to make sure it’s both consistent and sensible.

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An Advertising Campaign Thats Lighting Up The Path Way To Womens Safety

Being in the 21st century, with all the technological advancements, we still talk about this subject, “Are Women Safe, in India?” With surveys and understandings of the current situation around us, it is time that the country joins hands together to realize that – ‘Women are NOT SAFE in any means in India’.

Safety of Women is a real matter of concern for the entire nation & especially in Delhi. With several heinous acts of crime against women in the past, Delhi has been declared the rape capital of India.

Halonix has taken the initiative to make Delhi roads a bit safer for women. It may be a small contribution, but is a significant step to lighten up the path to women’s safety, a step towards ensuring that our mothers and sisters can feel safe and secure.

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