Acers Selfie Hat

Acer’s Selfie Hat Takes Wearables to The Next Level

Hats off to Acer, and I mean literally. They just took the selfie tech to a ridiculously new level.

Last Monday, we were blessed with the Selfie Brush, and today the Selfie Greek Gods have delivered once more with the Selfie Hat.

This is the latest wierd development in selfie tech is basically a giant sombrero and holds an Iconia A-1 840 table held by the hats fold-down flap. The tablet is placed on the hat in a manner that allows the wearer to slide it around the brim of the hat for the ideal selfie.
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Classic Minimalist Posters – Rapunzel to The Little Red Riding Hood

I am a lover of children’s books, especially the classic ones with timeless wisdom for grown-ups, and an protagonist of minimalist posters that extract complex stories or ideas in clean graphic elements; I am immeasurably delighted by these hyper-minimalist takes on beloved children’s classics by designer Christian Jackson.

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This Hand Painted Optical Illusion Will Completely Blow Your Mind

This Hand Painted Optical Illusion Will Completely Blow Your Mind

We live in an illusion world, and we now and then come across an optical illusion, but its just not that cool that you would share it. In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, we are shown a hand-painted optical illusion found in Windsor, England.

A 3D portrait of an art gallery that is mind-blowing than the fact that it feels like you are standing inside of the painting while you are looking at it. It is just as brilliant as it sounds.

This has taken illusion art to the next level, given how many award show judges were mesmerized by “Honda’s mind-bending “Illusions” ad from mcgarrybowen, agencies might want to look into the real-world optical awesomeness of reverse perspective.

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Lego Versions of Famous Artworks Are So Great, They're Now Official Ads

Lego Versions of Famous Artworks Are So Great, They’re Now Official Ads

While most great spec projects make the rounds among the Internet’s creative community, but not many see the light of day.

Here is a great elision to that case: Italian designer Marco Sodano received global praise for his creative pixilation of famous paintings remade with Legos. Marco Sadona said” I want to convey the belief that every child with Lego can become great artists like Da Vinci and Vermeer”

The official versions (largely similar but for the word “Imagine” embedded at the top left) were produced by agency Geometry Global in Hong Kong, with Sodano as art director.

Check out the official executions below:

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A Life Saving Bracelet- Boosting The Countrys Blood Donations By-335%

Its every marketer dream to create a marketing campaign that is useful, which accomplishes a noble goal and has a positive result. Here is one marketing campaign which had a major impact on the country’s blood donations.

Y&R Moscow recently partnered with Azerbaijani cellular network Nar Mobile to create a wearable device called Donor Cable, which lets one smartphone owner easily donate power to another using the cable. The device is a bracelet, inscribed with the message, “Donate energy to save a phone, and donate blood to save a life.”


Azerbaijan has the world’s highest number of children born with blood disorder Thalassemia. Children born with this particular disorder of the blood, require extensive blood transfusions. The biggest challenge the country was facing was lack of blood donations.

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Inspiring Single Page Websites

Back in january we showed you some Creative Techniques for Single-Page Websites, and since the single page design trend is getting more and more attention from designers, today we decided to show you some inspiring examples of websites that have all their content in a single page.Our company creative cartels help you for making website as your required.

21 Inspiring Single Page Websites

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Examples of Texture Use in Web Design

we believe that textures can add a beautiful touch to a web design, giving a page personality and depth. From subtle textures to bold and colorful ones, there are a lot of different approaches on using them in a web design, and this is why today we gathered a few examples to give you ideas of how to incorporate textures to your next project.


21 Examples of Texture Use in Web Design


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Want to Create Mobile website?

Mobile Internet has become the current battlefield for a number of designers and developers, simply due to the fact that traditional websites tailor-made for desktop compatibility will not function in the same manner as mobile devices. Regular websites are built for conventional web browsers and the fact is that mobile devices do not possess the same browsers or the same capabilities. Moreover, they are small, having diverse shapes and sizes, which makes it difficult for them to display conventional websites. Actually, the mobile website should be a much simpler version of the regular website.

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