Acers Selfie Hat

Acer’s Selfie Hat Takes Wearables to The Next Level

Hats off to Acer, and I mean literally. They just took the selfie tech to a ridiculously new level.

Last Monday, we were blessed with the Selfie Brush, and today the Selfie Greek Gods have delivered once more with the Selfie Hat.

This is the latest wierd development in selfie tech is basically a giant sombrero and holds an Iconia A-1 840 table held by the hats fold-down flap. The tablet is placed on the hat in a manner that allows the wearer to slide it around the brim of the hat for the ideal selfie.
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be the change

India Can Change! – Be that Change

India celebrated its 68th Independence Day on 15th August. What has changed in India since the British Raj? India is still the country that has more temples than toilets, a country where VIP’s are treated like GOD; Littering in public places is a very common site… So what exactly has changed since 15th August 1947? If you ask me NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

No doubt, we can celebrate a superficial sense of freedom, independence and change this Independence Day, but the fact remains that change will always come from within.

This thoughtful short film produced by famous Telugu actor Allu Arjun is probably the best thing you will watch today.

Here’s the English transcript of the Telugu lines spoken at the end of the video:

Performing our duties is also patriotism. Change begins with us.

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”.-

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I Am That Change!

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‘Qwerkywriter’ – The Nostalgic Clicks Of A Vintage Typewriter

I still remember my grandfather using his clicky typewriter and the sound of the keys is a fond memory from my childhood. This memory is no longer nostalgic, because now I can buy a type writer-like keypad that connects to my PC or tablet through USB.

This vintage-style modern keyboard, called Qwerkywriter created by game developer Brian Min, who is financing the production through a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. It has 84 chrome-accented round keycaps and an integrated stand for tablets, a perfect tool for people who would love to feel like writers from the past.

The new Qwerkywriter has the look of a vintage typewriter with the ease of today’s technology. A USB mechanical keyboard simulates the clicky feel of a typewriter and gives you a tactile experience as you write. Continue reading…