How to Improve Your Graphic Design Skills (Infographic)

If you are a graphic designer or pursuing a career as a graphic designer your life can be quite gratifying. But you need to work hard to keep your design skills sharp and take your graphic designing skills to the next level. Here is an extremely useful infographic entitled “Graphic Designer’s Road Map” which features information to help you grow as a graphic design expert. This infographic by SmartPress suggest a few ways you can keep your graphic design career on track:

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10 Most Valuable Logo Design Resources

The internet is a beautiful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people who wish to learn the art of logo design. However, sometimes with so many choices available to us, it can be confusing and frustrating after a while. So we have picked 10 most valuable Logo Design resources to help you learn and understand the art of Logo design.

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Classic Minimalist Posters – Rapunzel to The Little Red Riding Hood

I am a lover of children’s books, especially the classic ones with timeless wisdom for grown-ups, and an protagonist of minimalist posters that extract complex stories or ideas in clean graphic elements; I am immeasurably delighted by these hyper-minimalist takes on beloved children’s classics by designer Christian Jackson.

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Lego Versions of Famous Artworks Are So Great, They're Now Official Ads

Lego Versions of Famous Artworks Are So Great, They’re Now Official Ads

While most great spec projects make the rounds among the Internet’s creative community, but not many see the light of day.

Here is a great elision to that case: Italian designer Marco Sodano received global praise for his creative pixilation of famous paintings remade with Legos. Marco Sadona said” I want to convey the belief that every child with Lego can become great artists like Da Vinci and Vermeer”

The official versions (largely similar but for the word “Imagine” embedded at the top left) were produced by agency Geometry Global in Hong Kong, with Sodano as art director.

Check out the official executions below:

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Myths About Graphic Design

Graphic design is not simply known for its creative factor, but also heralded for its attribute of being a captivating and gratifying field. Undoubtedly, when we talk about the world of graphic design, we will come across lots of fun facts to be heard. While some stories are the ones we hear more often, some still remain unknown to many people. Graphic Design has become a very important factor to be considered by every industry. Let’s take a look at this appealing infographic about a few Myths About Graphic Design.


Myths About Graphic Design Above

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40 Stunning Examples of Splash Photography

Splash photography is very often set up by the photographer, which doesn’t make it any easier to produce a beautiful photo! Splashes are best captured at high speed, and as always with photography, lighting is of paramount importance.

Here we have gathered a selection of stunning examples of splash photography, including studio-set-up shots, outdoor set-up shots and natural splash captures – all are amazing examples from outstanding photographers.

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Perfect Examples Of Branding Design


  • More than a name or logo
  • All the combined impressions and experiences associated with a particular company, good or service
  • Something consumers relate to on rational and emotional levels

Brand Identity:

The following elements work together to project a consistent image and are instantly recognizable.

– Name – words, letters, or numbers that can be spoken
– Symbols or logos used with the name on promotional products – cannot be spoken
– Trade characters or personified symbols may also be used

A Brand is Built Around Values:

  • Characteristics and values represent what a business or product stands for.
  • These “intangibles” connect with consumers in a meaningful way.
  • Brand cues remind consumers of values and qualities.
  • Brand personality is the essence of the brand and encompasses values and emotional connections.

Brand is the Customer’s Total Experience:

  • Touch Points – Opportunities to connect with customers and reinforce brand values
  • Every business – large and small – is a brand with touch points
  • The brand promise must deliver on consumer expectations

Levels of brand Loyalty:

– Brand recognition:  know something about it
– Brand preference:  prefer a particular but will buy another if it is not available
– Brand insistence:  positively want one brand and one brand only

Branding Internationally:

  • Requires businesses to incorporate international considerations
  • Requires names that translate into other languages
  • Requires sensitivity to customs, cultures, and values
  • May even require changes to actual product itself
  • May use product extensions

Challenges that the Internet has provided:

  • Limited customer interaction, less loyalty, makes building brand on the internet more difficult
  • More time spent researching/comparing products than buying
  • Innovation and first-rate customer service needed
  • Strong, established brands don’t need to spend lots of money to attract people
  • Brand is a requirement for Internet businesses

Now that you have an idea that a brand is much more than a logo, it’s time to focus on the design part. The examples we have for you below are on point. The following companies have done an incredible job at monetizing and setting the tone for their brand. As you plan out to create a logo, think about how it will be used. Will it be used on social networks, websites, packaging, business cards, stickers, clothing, pens, USB’s, engraved on products, CD’s, notebooks, and any other things? You need to plan things out, because the colors will be different. Online you will most likely use RBG colors for the logo, while on packaging, business, cards, letter head, and other printing materials will be CMYK. This is a vital part of the process, because if you use lets say an extra bright green it will not be bright at all when printed.

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