How to Improve Your Graphic Design Skills (Infographic)

If you are a graphic designer or pursuing a career as a graphic designer your life can be quite gratifying. But you need to work hard to keep your design skills sharp and take your graphic designing skills to the next level. Here is an extremely useful infographic entitled “Graphic Designer’s Road Map” which features information to help you grow as a graphic design expert. This infographic by SmartPress suggest a few ways you can keep your graphic design career on track:

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Google- A Digital HistoryFt

Google – A Digital History Infographic

It has been the answer to most of our problems and for most; the solutions for their exam papers…we all have used Google for something or the other. I wonder what would be the world like without Google. Personally I would miss saying “Google it” to my friends and co-workers.

Founded in Menlo Park, California on September 4, 1998, Google has done a lot in its 16 years of existence. From the first known algorithm update in early 2000 to its approximate 24 Panda updates since early 2011, this info-graphic outlines major updates to Google since its inception in 1998.

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Myths About Graphic Design

Graphic design is not simply known for its creative factor, but also heralded for its attribute of being a captivating and gratifying field. Undoubtedly, when we talk about the world of graphic design, we will come across lots of fun facts to be heard. While some stories are the ones we hear more often, some still remain unknown to many people. Graphic Design has become a very important factor to be considered by every industry. Let’s take a look at this appealing infographic about a few Myths About Graphic Design.


Myths About Graphic Design Above

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