How to Improve Your Graphic Design Skills (Infographic)

If you are a graphic designer or pursuing a career as a graphic designer your life can be quite gratifying. But you need to work hard to keep your design skills sharp and take your graphic designing skills to the next level. Here is an extremely useful infographic entitled “Graphic Designer’s Road Map” which features information to help you grow as a graphic design expert. This infographic by SmartPress suggest a few ways you can keep your graphic design career on track:

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The Future of Business Cards

For all those who are completely fed up of LinkedIn, and those who dislike the limitations that the traditional paper business cards impose, there is some good news for you. The Future of Business cards is here! Swivelcards bring the best of both worlds, although these smart cards are partly paper, the bottom third folds into a USB stick, which can be used to store your resume, web portfolio and other job-hunting items.

The cards currently come in eight different designs varying from utilitarian gray to colourful and expressive. The company has created a prototype and launched a Kickstarter campaign to add analytics capabilities to the cards. Once these cards are officially launched, the cards will be sold at 200 for $319. The cards will begin shipping out to supporters in October 2014 on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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Acers Selfie Hat

Acer’s Selfie Hat Takes Wearables to The Next Level

Hats off to Acer, and I mean literally. They just took the selfie tech to a ridiculously new level.

Last Monday, we were blessed with the Selfie Brush, and today the Selfie Greek Gods have delivered once more with the Selfie Hat.

This is the latest wierd development in selfie tech is basically a giant sombrero and holds an Iconia A-1 840 table held by the hats fold-down flap. The tablet is placed on the hat in a manner that allows the wearer to slide it around the brim of the hat for the ideal selfie.
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10 Most Valuable Logo Design Resources

The internet is a beautiful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people who wish to learn the art of logo design. However, sometimes with so many choices available to us, it can be confusing and frustrating after a while. So we have picked 10 most valuable Logo Design resources to help you learn and understand the art of Logo design.

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‘Qwerkywriter’ – The Nostalgic Clicks Of A Vintage Typewriter

I still remember my grandfather using his clicky typewriter and the sound of the keys is a fond memory from my childhood. This memory is no longer nostalgic, because now I can buy a type writer-like keypad that connects to my PC or tablet through USB.

This vintage-style modern keyboard, called Qwerkywriter created by game developer Brian Min, who is financing the production through a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. It has 84 chrome-accented round keycaps and an integrated stand for tablets, a perfect tool for people who would love to feel like writers from the past.

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This Hand Painted Optical Illusion Will Completely Blow Your Mind

This Hand Painted Optical Illusion Will Completely Blow Your Mind

We live in an illusion world, and we now and then come across an optical illusion, but its just not that cool that you would share it. In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, we are shown a hand-painted optical illusion found in Windsor, England.

A 3D portrait of an art gallery that is mind-blowing than the fact that it feels like you are standing inside of the painting while you are looking at it. It is just as brilliant as it sounds.

This has taken illusion art to the next level, given how many award show judges were mesmerized by “Honda’s mind-bending “Illusions” ad from mcgarrybowen, agencies might want to look into the real-world optical awesomeness of reverse perspective.

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Zachary Quinto, Thespian and Traitor, Joins Newcastle’s ‘Independence Eve’ ‘#IfWeWon’ Campaign

There is no way more American to celebrate the Fourth of July than selling out your country for an English beer, says Newcastle.

It’s ballsy for any marketer to pay talent to purposefully mangle its name in an ad. But it’s also very much in keeping with the self-deprecating tone of Newcastle’s “If We Won” campaign, introduced by Stephen Merchant, and soon to present Elizabeth Hurley.

Americas have showed their dislike for Newcastle’s “If We Won” campaign. But actually I found this ad campaign to be really funny. And they are true about the brit accent. Its 4th of July people! Happy Independence Day USA (time to open a bottle of Newcastle’s).

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Intelligent Details- A shortfilm By Bentley Motors

Intelligent Details – A Shortfilm By Bentley Motors

Intelligent Details, a short documentary commissioned by Bentley Motors, introduces Luc Donckerwolke, Director of Design, and SangYup Lee, Head of Exterior Design. Filmed in the Bentley Mulsanne in New York, Intelligent Details focuses on what inspires Luc and SangYup in their respective fields as design leaders for Bentley. The short Film highlights the fusion if luxury, performance and technology within the Bentley Mulsanne. A performance luxury car produced by Bentley Motors, which is technologically bang on and still maintaining its ages old legacy.

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